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Aims and function of the Federation

Aims and function of the Federation


The goals of LAFEBS are to develop the basis for a more permanent interrelation between the Latin American Biophysical and related Societies, and to promote regional development and human resources formation in Biophysics from the undergraduate to the post-doctoral level. For this, LAFEBS will carry out the following actions:

a) to organize regional co-operation in Biophysics and to promote communication between the various areas of Biophysics and related disciplines;

b) to encourage within each adhering body co-operation between societies that represent the interests of Biophysics;

c) to enhance the regional contributions to the advancement of Biophysics in all its aspects.

d) to set up commissions or other bodies for special purposes;

e) to generate appropriate procedures to promote an academic network for postgraduate education in the region

f) to organize periodical meetings, workshops and conferences related to the Latin American activities in Biophysics;

g) to collaborate with other scientific organizations in Biophysics and related disciplines.

h) to develop any activity deemed helpful to the advancement of its declared objectives.

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